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          China met the annual target to reduce overcapacity of 45 million metric tons of steel and 250 million metric tons of coal production ahead of schedule, and a large number of zombie enterprises were shut down.
          Adults, who as children more than 10 years ago were sold by human traffickers, stand in a line, hopeful that their biological parents will recognize them at a reunion event in Zuiyi, Southwest Chinas Guizhou province, on June 1, 2014.
          The victims mother, surnamed Sun, said that early on the morning of May 20, she received several phone calls from the school asking her to go to Zhengzhou to see her daughter.
          But fragrant flowers like roses?Definitely, said Pu Yi, founder and CEO of roseonly, a Beijing-based startup of 2013 vintage.
          A woman plays the harp in one of a series of sculptures named Chubby Women, displayed in Guangzhou city, on Jan 27, 2014, several days before the Chinese Spring Festival.
          The data suggests that the economic recovery is still continuing but its momentum has slowed again, noted HSBC chief China economist Qu Hongbin.
          BEIJING - The call, by President Xi Jinping on Wednesday, for the collaborative creation of a cyberspace community of common destiny is a shared aspiration of the international community, especially developing nations.
          Yunnan is a gateway to the region, Li said.
          Meanwhile, domestic carmakers, including SAIC and BYD, have unveiled rival models, with cheaper price tags.
          A few years ago, Ling left his family to start working in Shenzhen, a southern city in Chinas Guangdong province.
          Chinas consumer confidence index in the first quarter hit the highest score since 2015, buoyed by an improved macroeconomy and surging consumption power, Nielsens latest survey showed on Tuesday.
          Globalization efforts have experienced some difficulties, but the initiative has provided a new cooperation format, he adds.
          Three more stations — Bajiao Amusement Park, Tiantongyuan North and Longze — have been told to conduct security checks on passengers and their belongings on Saturday, bringing the number of stations carrying out the strict security checks to nine.
          USAID, known worldwide for its humanitarian work, has repeatedly maintained it did not send out political messages under the project.
          65 percent of its energy use is generated by renewable or clean resources but the country plans to increase the ratio to 24 percent by 2030.
          The statement said the Party will speed up development of the socialist market economy, democracy, cultural development, social harmony and environmental protection.
          Vinh said the two sides should work more closely to contribute to the cooperative relationship between China and Vietnam.
          7 billion yuan (0 million) and affected about 1.
          The integrated cultural and creative industry, which can be further divided into more specific classifications, including comic and animation games and mobile Internet applications, focuses on the combination between culture and other fields, such as finance and technology.
          The eight positive samples came from five live poultry markets in Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang provinces and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, it said.
          Bikers roar down a street in Wulingyuan, a famous scenic spot and world natural heritage site in Zhangjiajie, Central Chinas Hunan province, Sept 1, 2013.
          The desert stretches across Gansu, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and the case is the second involving the illegal discharge of waste water there.
          On August 5, the health authority completed an appraisal of the impacted areas and has since taken epidemic prevention measures.
          Defense ministers from Japan and ASEAN countries put their heads together in Okinawa on Feb 18 to discuss the use of made-in-Japan defense products such as unmanned robots and infrared radar.
          The development of the electric vehicle industry has been a priority of the Ministry of Science and Technology for more than a decade.
          Cai, who also works for a laser equipment company, inherited the studio from his father two years ago, having as a child enjoyed making knickknacks for friends.
          Yoga fans follow Muqi Miya during the third National Thousand Yoga Fans Gathering at the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, East Chinas Jiangsu province on April 22, 2012.
          The total debt burden was obscured because local governments created separate investment agencies to pay for the construction of highways and other infrastructure.
          A dairy cow farm in Zouping, Shandong province.
          While APEC itself revealed just how much Chinas free-trade leadership has sparked regional economic zeal.
          An X-ray or an MRI costs a tenth of what I would pay here.
          There is a snoring section, too — guests who snore can ask to stay in the area called Leo, so they will not disturb others.
          Competitors such as this strive to give unique performances.
          What magic does the 43-year-old non-profit foundation have? Since its inception in 1971, the forum has taken every opportunity to expand its influence as it never stops learning from others experience in society, politics and business.
          In the meantime, the top legislature will create a cyber security law and publish legal interpretations for criminal law and criminal procedure law.
          It is Fujians first State-level Wushu training center to extend cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation in the field of martial arts and to promote public interest in the sport.
          6 million this year, police authorities announced on Wednesday.
          Price, was assigned to a Naval Special Warfare unit in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was the commanding officer of SEALTeam Four.
          It ranked high on an online poll to select Chinas top 10 ugliest public art works in 2012.
          There were more than 2,000 tourists in 2012, and the number is estimated to rise to 7,000 this year, according to Zhang Weidong, who manages the agency responsible for the train that runs once a week during peak tourism seasons.
          The conference features products for 15 consumer technology markets, including audio, automotive electronics, computer hardware and software, digital imaging, electronic gaming, entertainment, Internet-based multimedia systems, video, wireless devices and more.
          He noted that the DPRK has very limited economic exchanges with other countries, and sound cooperation with China is very important for it.
          73 billion to nine projects, achieving its loan target of .
          At present, both countries are working on the construction on new facilites at the hospital, highlighting the growing Sino-Ethiopian medical and health cooperation.
          He also wrote da ai wu hen, which means great love without trace and was taken from the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi.
          We need to make sure that both stakeholder and shareholder can benefit from the reform.
          They are selling points you might read in an apartment rental ad.

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